About us

Get to know Us

Years of experience in field makes VM2 Cosmetics a reliable partner for all your requirements.

We value teamwork, co-operation, creativity and organization. Recognized by business partners as well as customers and consumers of our products, we build business and partner relationships every day by providing top quality products and services.

Representation of leading foreign principals on Croatian market, modern presentation and marketing methods put us at the very top of the market.

Our Values

We strive for new values: we focus on essentials and quality, we are efficient, present and communicate easily and directly.

We focus on the whole team and our products that give customers the highest value.

Efficiency is based on the real needs of end users and top presentation of the products we represent.

VM2 Cosmetics is best partner for all your requirements. We are here for you!


Innovation meets reliability

VM2 Cosmetics knows and defines the trends of tomorrow.

We provide a great number of products at top speed.

The level of service provision in our way is only possible if there is stability.

Due to the high standards and standards we set our company is fast, efficient and competitive.

Loyalty has always been very important to us and we will always be concerned about our employees, our distribution partners, and our business locations.

The VM2 Cosmetics values ​​were based on our daily work.