About us

VM2 COSMETICS - years of experience and comprehensive solutions for sales, distribution, promotion and marketing of well-known cosmetics brands.

Our dedication and quality of the cosmetic brands we represent have contributed to the company VM2 COSMETICS being able to impose itself as one of the most important suppliers in the Republic of Croatia and in the region.

Experience-based business-oriented synergy combined with top-of-the-line approaches provides a strong focus and market penetration and over all a clear link between our products and their users.

We emphasize knowledge, experience, ideas, professional approach and expertise.

VM2 Cosmetics today represents the leading foreign principals and we manage with many of their cosmetic products and brands, and supply numerous stores in Croatia.

With quality distribution throughout Croatia we have been able to impose ourselves as one of the leading distributors in its product range.

The benefits of VM2 Cosmetics are:

  • Synergy of sales and logistics services
  • Experience in brand management
  • Flexibility in business, thanks to large number of our business partners for the purpose of product development and distribution.

We are here for you!

For all questions and queries we are at your disposal @ info@vm2-cosmetics.com OR contact us to the phone number + 385 1 64 68 985

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